Course Description


The PHECC First Aid Response Course, also known as the First Aid Responder Course, is designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify and care for individuals with life-threatening injuries until professional healthcare practitioners arrive. It is suitable for a wide range of individuals, including those who require basic first aid training for their job, such as non-healthcare personnel, sports coaches, teachers, and parents.


Target Audience


This course does not have any specific prerequisites. However, participants should be physically capable of performing CPR and other practical skills, such as relieving choking, placing someone in the recovery position, and applying bandages to injured limbs.


Course Requirements


The First Aid Response (FAR) course is a newly developed training standard established by the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council of Ireland. Its aim is to enhance and replace the existing Occupational First Aid course, offering a standardized syllabus nationwide. The FAR course also incorporates the comprehensive Cardiac First Response Community standard.


Course Outline


The course covers the following topics:


- First Aid in the workplace

- Patient assessment

- Incident procedures

- Cardiac First Response at the community level

- Common medical emergencies (asthma, diabetes, seizures, poisoning, fainting)

- Injury management and shock

- Care of unconscious patients

- Burns and electrical injury care

- Hypothermia and hyperthermia

- Information management

- Communications

- Well-being of the first aider


Delivery Method


The course is delivered by an instructor who will utilize PowerPoint presentations and instructional DVDs to guide participants through the material. The course is conducted in English.


Duration and Assessment


The FAR course requires a minimum of 18 hours to complete. Participants can choose to attend six-hour sessions on different days or complete the course over consecutive weekends.




Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a dual certificate from the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council and UFAS. This certificate remains valid for a period of two years.




To maintain your qualification beyond the initial two-year certification period, you will need to undertake a refresher course. The refresher course consists of a two-day training designed to update and reinforce the knowledge and skills acquired during the initial training. A valid First Aid Response certificate is a prerequisite for participating in the refresher course.




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